BMW 2000 C / CA / CS

The 2000 C / CA / CS was introduced in 1965, and was discontinued in 1968. During the four year long production run close to 14 000 cars were built. Today, I estimate that fewer then 1000 remain as driveable cars in the world.

The latest figure I've heard is that about ten cars in decent, drivable, condition exists in Sweden. Probably there are quite a few more undergoing restoration or (sadly) in various stages of decay in old barns and garages.

In you own a 2000 coupe and live in Scandinavia, please drop me a mail and tell me about your car!

Specifications for the 2000CS (C/CA see below).

Cylinders 4
Engine size 1990cc
Max power 120HP (88kW)
Top speed 186km/h
0-100km/h 12s
Fuel usage 13,8L / 100km

Production data for the 2000 Coupé range.

Model Years Production ccm HP V max  Carburator
2000 C 1965 - 1968 443 1990 100 172 Single
2000 CA 1965 - 1968 3.249 1990 100 168 Single
2000 CS 1965 - 1968 9.999 1990 120 185 Double Solex 40PHH

The 2000 Coupé shares many parts and construction details with the 1500-2000 Sedan. This makes parts availability relatively good and the car is generally inexpensive to maintain.

The body of the 2000 Coupé was designed in cooperation with Karmann, and was also built at Karmann.

The 2000 Coupé has very distinctive exterior. The front has the original "shark-nose" design (a design that is often, wrongly, referred to the later E9 body and the early 6-series) and the rear has a somewhat Italian styling.  

The interior is very luxorious and of high overall quality (the only exception is the clothing on the seats, which tends to wear out in a relatively short time). The front panel is made out of real wood, and has a wonderful design.

The CS 120 hp engine is fully adequate for the relatively light car. The 2000 Coupé is quick on smaller roads, and keps good pace with todays modern cars on the highway. I can imagine that the 2000 Coupé was quite a sports car back in the sixties. At that time most Swedes drove slow Volvos and Saabs with less then half the power of the 2000CS.

The car handles quite well on the road, the four cylinder engine doesn't make the car to heavy in the front, and the ultra modern (for the time) rear link semi-trailing suspension, keeps the car stable at most times. 

The front has functional MacPherson suspension.

Below you´ll find some pictures of my two BMW 2000CS (better pictures coming soon).

BMW 2000 Coupé S 1968

I have owned this car since 2003. In good, rust free, condition. Clothing on front seats is worn out, this is to be fixed as well as several other minor faults. Sold in 2008.
BMW 2000 Coupé S 1968

This is my second 2000CS, sold to a new owner in august 2005. This example was in very good condition, had full service history and very few previous owners. A true gem, that I sometimes regret selling!

Please visit my image page for high quality pictures of this car (large images, takes a while to load)!
Other 2000 Coupés

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